Kids Dental Care


Kids Dental Care

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This book describes all about Kids Dentistry; it narrates about Coming time of baby’s teeth, Permanent teeth, Teething, Habits of kids, Brush fun for kids, Toothpaste for kids, Flossing for kids teeth, Dentist for your kids, common dental procedure for kids, Nutritional way of healthy teeth, Foods to strengthen kids teeth, Vitamins for kids teeth, Fruits for kids teeth, Worse food for kids teeth, Baby bottle tooth decay, Bad breath in kids, Tongue tie, Discolouration of teeth, Eruption problems of teeth.

Nothing is life can be achieved without discipline & dedication not even good Oral health; I dedicate this book to all
those parents who care for their kids oral health & wants to make it better!!

Those who don’t (yet), I hope reading this dental oral care book “KIDS DENTAL CARE “will show you how simple it is to take care of
your kid’s oral health.



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